Headset is a crown for a gamer


Headset is a crown for a gamer.

How does a gamer look? Stereotype says that he’s fat, wears glasses, drinks litres of mountain dew every day, doesn’t leave his room, eat kilograms of doritos, smells like whole viking army, right? Well… nowadays we all know that’s false and some professional gamers became celebrities just like rappers. We can sometimes find some streams of them playing games with their crown on their heads - wired headphones with mic https://www.axtelheadsets.com/en/headsets. Of course they are not the only people wearing their headsets as a crown. Call Center employees do it too but it’s more like crown of thorns. Let’s take a look at most important features of good wired headphones with mic.


Microphones included in headsets are not the best. More expensive models have better mics, but it’s still not as good as it could have been. That’s why almost every professional gamer choose to buy second expensive and professional microphone. If you buy a headset and you want to have good or at least decent microphone you need to spend some more money or buy some extra mic. It’s always expensive, but crowns have never been cheap.

Sound quality

Buying wired headphones with mic that have bad sound quality makes no sense at all. Headphones always have to got the best possible quality. Why? Even if you don’t play games I’m sure you listen to music and you have your answer. Who does like to listen favorite music that sounds like garbage? Nobody. Sound quality is very important, because it allows to hear very small details like unknown sounds in a song that we listen for years, but we didn’t hear it, because our headset was bad. When we play video games we can hear footsteps of our enemies faster and with better precision. That’s why it’s so important.


As we all know: “gamers don’t leave their room”. Well… sometimes it looks like it’s true. They spend long hours practicing and playing to become better. When they don’t play they usually spend their time inside their rooms too. During this process they wear their wired headphones with mic almost all the time, so it has to be comfortable. Call Center employees know this perfectly. They work ten hours a day wearing their headsets and talking with people. That wouldn’t be even possible if their headset were not comfortable. What does make headset comfortable? Good headset should be light, flexible and it’s parts should be moveable. It will provide a lot of comfort for us and our heads.

That’s all. If you buy a brand new headset, check if it has all these things and be sure that you made a good choice.

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